An exhibition by internationally renowned sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood. Curated by wildlife expert and TV presenter Chris Packham St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery 29 July – 23 September 2017 Internationally-renowned Sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood and TV presenter and Naturalist Chris Packham are teaming up to present a unique and stunning exhibition in new gallery spaces at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Birds of the New Forest will feature Dashwood’s beautiful bronze life-size sculptures and several monumentals of New Forest birds, past, present and future. The exhibition will be curated by writer, TV presenter and campaigner Chris Packham who is a friend and long-time admirer of Geoffrey Dashwood’s work: “Dashwood’s technique is reductive; all but a few surface details are abandoned leaving a simplicity which emphatically strengthens each work. With aplomb and authority, he reproduces the functional aesthetics of nature’s machines in a graphic and economical style, which with a sympathetic amalgam of internal form, aero dynamism and known physiology, produces all the tension, the sensuality, all the absolute beauty of living birds. These sculptures defy the need for anatomical or ornithological justification – they are quite simply ravishing.” said Chris Packham. Dashwood is admired for eliminating all superficial detail to attain refined forms with smooth surfaces, enhanced by the application of coloured and multi-coloured patinas. Although his work can be placed within the genre of wildlife art, Dashwood has transcended the subject matter and his bronzes are firmly established in the wider field of contemporary art. Birds of the New Forest will provide a stunning inaugural exhibition in the new gallery space at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, as it re-opens following a major refurbishment, supported by a £1.78 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.