Lymington and District Chamber

of Commerce & Industry


Representing The Local Business Community

The LDCCI advocates and represents local business, enabling collaboration and connection by members within the Chamber, and with the larger business community.

Correspondence should be directed to:

Peter Leyland- Jones, LDCCI Membership

c/o Heppenstalls 49, South Efford House
Milford Road
Lymington SO41 0JD

E-mail :

Welcome to Lymington and District Chamber of Commerce & Industry and thank you for your interest in the Chamber.

  • The Chamber is an association of businesses in the area with the common aim of supporting each

    other and representing combined interests in the community as a whole.

  • Members of Chamber represent businesses of all sizes and sectors operating throughout the New

    Forest area and beyond.

  • The Chamber is strong, active and modern, with a non-political lobbying voice on behalf of its Members

    on issues that affect the local business community and its target of sustainable economic growth.

  • Members build relationships through social events, regular networking events, and training courses

    helping businesses to grow and prosper.

  • Member-to-Member discounts and preferential rates from fellow Members save money

    and build your local supplier network along the way!

  • Lymington and District Chamber of Commerce & Industry is an independent association of Member

    businesses and organisations, governed by a Board comprised of local business people.

Proud to be a growing Chamber and happy to welcome new members


Membership Benefits

Networking, Social Events and information surrounding relevant events

Breakfast Meeting Dates

Chamber Website –

“Member to Member” Special Offers

Representing Members’ Views

Communication and Promotion

Newsletters and Social Media

External Media

Board Members

Roles in the L.D.C.C.I.Board

Membership Fees

Terms and Conditions of Membership to Lymington and District Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Membership Application Form

Membership Benefits

Networking, Social Events and information surrounding relevant events

The Chamber organises various networking and social events whilst also gathering relevant information of surrounding
area events, to give its members the opportunity to meet other business people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Information about Chamber events is regularly publicised to Members.
The Chamber is exploring links to training providers to provide access to training information that may be relevant to your

  • Business breakfasts are usually held on the third Thursday each month except December at a variety of venues.
  • Other social events and business seminars are organised for Members during the year.
  • Talks on a wide selection of topical issues by invited speakers are regularly organised.

Events are aimed at providing members with up to date, enlightening and interesting information in a sociable networking
environment. All events provide members with opportunities to make contacts with people from a variety of business

From sole owner enterprises to senior figures in the district’s larger businesses and organisations, membership of the
Chamber is an excellent means of developing business relationships and securing contacts that could lead to business
growth opportunities.

Information about meetings and events is circulated to Members by e-mail. Details are also published on the Chamber’s
web site

Breakfast Meeting Dates

Chamber’s breakfast meetings are extremely popular and a great way to start the day, network and meet new

associates. Attendance continues to grow, and early booking is recommended as spaces are sometimes limited. All meetings are on the third Thursday in month.

Places can booked online by card or PayPal and bookings close at 3pm on the preceding Monday. All bookings are accepted at the discretion of the Board.

Breakfast Meetings 2020

January 16th

February 20th

March 19th

April 16th

May – AGM 21th

June 18th

July 16th

August 20th

September 17th

October 15th

November 19th

No meeting in December

  • Breakfast Meetings open at 7.15am for a 7.30am start, and finish by 9am.
  • The price to attend a breakfast meeting is £10 per head as a member & £15 for non members, unless otherwise specified.
  • Usual choice for breakfast is Full English or Vegetarian – individual choices must be specified at time of


  • Reservation and payment must be made in advance either on-line or by post with cheque.

It is not possible to attend without prior reservation and payment.

Chamber Website –

Chamber’s interactive website is professionally designed and managed to ensure up to date information is easily accessible at any time and enables members to input their own details and offers.

Chamber recognises the importance of an effective on-line presence to maximise commercial opportunities for its members. The web site is managed to optimise search engine performance for its members. Members can change any of their details at any time by logging in to the website.

  • All Members’ business description and contact details are listed and Members can choose what is seen publicly
  • All Members can create a free link to their own website
  • All Members can include their own logo against their listing
  • Chamber’s web site acts as a business directory and drives traffic to Members’ web sites
  • The web site is linked with Facebook
  • It’s a great source for up to date membership information and news
  • On-line booking and payment facility for meetings and social events
  • On-line membership application and membership fee payment
  • A good source for a range of local community and business information

Representing Members’ Views

Chamber recognises the importance of presenting members’ interests and concerns to policymakers at local, regional and national level.

  • As a member of Chamber you will benefit by being part of a recognised and effective non-political lobbying group that is able to highlight and represent issues affecting interests within the district’s business community.
  • Chamber is consulted by local authorities and other organisations about local planning issues that may affect the business community as well as the wider environment.
  • Advance warning and notifications of proposed road closures and other events affecting the local environment is circulated, usually by e-mail, to keep Members up to date.
  • Representatives of Chamber meet regularly with the district’s elected officials, local authorities, service providers and decision makers.
  • Statistical reports from Government local towns initiatives to employment data are provided to Chamber by local government authorities, thus ensuring the Chamber has an informed approach to issues affecting the local business community.

It is an important function of Chamber to play an active role in representing the views of its Members within the district through lobbying and influencing the agendas of decision-makers.

Communication and Promotion

Newsletters and Social Media

The email newsletter is the primary means of communication for Chamber activities and for the circulation of information of interest to members, and is emailed to all members three times a year.

We have a Facebook page that can be found at and encourage all our Members who are on Facebook to not only Like our page from their Personal account but also from your Business page if you have one. We would also like to encourage you to share any events or local information that may be useful to our fellow Facebook community.

Members have the opportunity to promote their activities, special offers, etc. by preparing a summary editorial for inclusion in the Newsletter including links to appropriate website content. Additionally members can provide editorial for the Chamber’s social media channels on Facebook.

2020 Chamber Newsletter issue dates and copy submission deadlines are:

Copy Deadline Issue Date
6th April 17th April
1st June 12th June
5th October 16th October

Members may submit editorial and/or photographs by e-mail PLEASE NOTE PDF ONLY to the Editorial Team in time for the copy deadline to

Where possible, editorials should include a link to the Member’s web site and/or include e-mail/telephone contact details to maximise opportunities to gain business.

External Media

Good business relationships with the media play an important part in the Chamber’s operation, and the organisation works hard to raise awareness of the activities of its members and the Chamber as a whole.

  • The Chamber maintains good relationships with the media and highlights events, issues and concerns within the local business community, thus raising greater awareness across the district as a whole.
  • Press releases about the Chamber, its members, and its activities are issued to the local media for publication as required.
  • The Chamber highlights Members’ noteworthy achievements, etc., within its communications to raise the profile of both the Member and the Chamber within the community.

Board Members

The details of current board members can be seen here

Roles in LDCCI Board

The expectation is that Board members will be able to attend 7 out of 11 Board meetings each year to maintain continuity.

Exceptional circumstances will be taken into account.


Organise monthly Board Meeting, send out collated agenda and Chair the meeting

To build a board team to be able to deliver the LDCCI objectives

To be the active company treasurer

Represent the Chamber at local level

Guide the formation of Chamber policy

Presently – Peter Leyland-Jones

Member Admin


New members


Update members list full details to include annual fees enquiries/ questions

Membership admin

Presently – Peter Leyland-Jones

Events & Tourism

Plan and oversee breakfast, evening and social events

Calendar of events

Direct support for the president

Presently – Undesignated


Presently –  Ian Ellis

Communications/ IT

Website maintenance and development

Oversee email communication with members

Oversee Facebook account

Hampshire Chamber Liaison

Maintain centralised members e-mail address facility

Update calendar of events

Online advertising & exposure

Write press releases

Presently – Paul Wood

Company Secretary

Oversee AGM

Deal with legal letters and forms

Form correct procedures/ practice

Oversee banking procedures

Oversee compliance issues

Update Company House records

Presently – Alex Jennings

Board Administrator

Minutes of meeting


Admin of website

Minutes for press release

Enquiries Inbox Admin/Management,

Membership renewal support

Members and H.C.o.C. Newsletters

Presently – Jo Squibb

Board Advisors

The position of ‘Board Advisors’ is for Board members who physically cannot attend regular board meetings, due to work commitments but who have valuable input.

They will be expected to attend at least 2 Board meetings annually.

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is based on the number of full time equivalent employees (FTE) employed by your business. These fees are payable on the payment anniversary each year.


Terms and Conditions of Membership to Lymington and District Chamber of Commerce & Industry

1. The Chamber’s financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Subscription fees are fixed for one year and revised annually.

2. Membership of Lymington & District Chamber of Commerce runs parallel to the financial year, unless the date of joining is part way through the year. The period of membership will then be from the date of joining for one year.

3. Subscription fees are payable on application for membership and the appropriate fee is to be paid in full. 4. The right is reserved to charge a joining fee on the first application for membership.

5. Renewal of membership will take place on the anniversary of joining and the appropriate fee is to be received by the Treasurer of the Chamber before that time. Where payment is set to be recurring through Stripe, PayPal or GoCardless, the annual subscription will be taken automatically.

6. Subscriptions are payable by PayPal, card, cheque, cash, standing order or direct debit. The Chamber’s bank account details are available on request. PayPal payments and Direct Debits through GoCardless can be paid online here.

7. Membership fees are published on the Chamber’s website, Amendments to subscriptions as a result of the annual review will be published by the Chamber and members will be given at least 30 days notice, in writing, prior to the amendments being introduced.

8. The right is reserved to charge a fee of 10% of the sum outstanding for each full month or part thereof, for the late payment of subscriptions on renewal of membership after the payment anniversary.

9. Cancellation of membership must be given in writing to the Secretary of the Chamber providing at least 30 days notice.

10. Contact and notices with regard to membership may be by post, telephone or email using the latest address, telephone number or email address provided.

11. Membership of the Chamber carries with it an expectation of ethical business practice by all members at all times. The Board reserves the right to examine any complaints directed against any member which may have the effect of bringing the Chamber into disrepute. Please note, membership may be suspended pending the results of any such investigation.